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Witness the magic of successful communities as we sculpt a collective vision and breathe life into it through a strategic action plan. With our innovative four-point strategy, we dive deep into every corner of your population, ensuring that diverse voices are heard and help actively shape the plan. Collaborating with local individuals, groups, and organizations, we empower your community to conquer challenges, fortify your resilience, and turn shared visions and aspirations into triumphant realities. Let’s transform your vision into a vibrant tapestry of community success!

Coach Hollie Cost at a planning retreat reading a presentation

Facilitating Focused Strategic Planning

Successful communities carefully craft a shared vision, then develop and implement an action plan to achieve that vision. Using an action-oriented approach, our team will identify and reach out to all segments of your population to involve them in the planning process, ensuring no one is left without a voice.  We work with local individuals, groups and organizations to strengthen your ability to overcome the obstacles you face and fulfill your common dreams and aspirations.

Communication & Dialogue

Authentic dialogue is a powerful force in bridging social divides. In a time often defined by extremes, our adept facilitators orchestrate engaging community forums, help to unite a diverse citizenry and seek to tackle the tough issues. With a commitment to sparking thoughtful, deliberative conversations, we pave the way for understanding and guide communities toward collaborative solutions for shared challenges. Let’s transform conversations into catalysts for positive change as we seek unity through dialogue.

Neighbors sitting on a lawn having a community meeting at Scott Village neighborhood on a sunny day
Chainsaw carving artist Heather Bailey creating a wooden sculpture at Tinglewood Festival in Montevallo

The Arts as an Economic Engine

Immerse your community in the heartbeat of creativity where art is more than just expression, it’s an economic powerhouse waiting to be unleashed. Picture this: Downtown art walks, art festivals that pulse with life, captivating public installations, and outdoor concerts transforming small towns into cultural magnets. Become the center of attention, drawing in crowds from every corner. Our team, armed with targeted ideas and stakeholder interviews, delves into your community canvas, uncovering opportunities where the arts can wield their transformative magic. Let’s paint a vibrant future for your community, where art becomes the catalyst for growth.

Elevate your Educational Assets

Unearth the hidden treasures within your community’s educational landscape. While every thriving community thrives on a solid educational foundation, the richness extends far beyond traditional structure. Think beyond the ordinary as our team collaborates with you to uncover the undiscovered educational gems, analyzing strengths and areas for growth. Together, let’s chart a thrilling course for educational elevation, integration, and promotion that goes beyond the conventional, unlocking the full potential of your community’s assets.

Sculpture on the campus of the University of Montevallo featuring two hands that represent teacher and student
A group of young people dressed in hippie costumes and holding a banner that reads "We are Montevallo"

Embrace your Community's Diversity

Unleash the dynamic strength of your people, where diversity isn’t just a buzzword but the vibrant tapestry that fuels resilience. Just as a mesmerizing symphony blends various instruments, community strength emerges from the harmonious mix of political backgrounds, races, ages, genders, and religious affiliations. Yet, the challenge lies in bringing this diverse ensemble to a shared table.

In our journey of community engagement, we’ve discovered a remarkable formula: engagement, genuine interest, and learning from a diversity of community members. We work towards finding issues that resonate, creating discussions that matter, and issuing an open invitation for all. Our coaches, seasoned in this facilitation of community dynamics, share experiences to seamlessly integrate your most potent assets—your people. We help turn diversity into the powerhouse that propels your community to new heights! 

Perpetuating Powerful Partnerships

We help you unlock the limitless potential of your community by embracing the power of strategic partnerships. No matter how formidable a community may seem, true greatness flourishes when it extends beyond internal boundaries. 

Likewise, even in the face of challenges, a community can rise to unparalleled heights through effective collaborations, ranging from formal contracts to voluntary agreements, both internal and external. Such efforts are a grand tapestry where every thread represents a potential partner within your community’s reach. 

The art lies in identifying the right partners for the right purposes, and that’s where our team comes in. We’re not just consultants; we’re matchmakers for community success. We navigate the landscape together, identifying and securing partnerships that align with your priorities, unlocking a realm of possibilities for your community’s true promise. 

A fire truck decorated with lights during a Christmas parade
Downtown historic streetscape featuring a bench, mural, and street poles with decorative banners

Maximizing your Main Street

Interested in revitalizing your downtown into a fun-filled hub of community life? Think about  Main Street not just as a road but as the beating heart of social and economic vitality in your town. It’s where communities come alive, celebrate, and discover unique local treasures. We acknowledge that their can be challenges: absentee landlords, vague property maintenance codes, and the looming threat of generic shopping centers on city outskirts.

If this resonates with your community, we can offer solutions. Our team brings a trove of experiences, tales of triumph, overcoming of challenges, and a toolkit of resources. Let’s write a narrative together and transform your city into a thriving masterpiece that captures the true essence of community spirit. Join us to revitalize and reimagine your community’s center. 

Sustainability in the South

Embark with us on a journey towards sustainability. The heartbeat of today can harmonize with the symphony of tomorrow. Sustainable development isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a commitment to meet present needs without jeopardizing the future. Communities can be responsible stewards of local resources, nurturing not just survival but thriving with health and vitality.

In our toolkit of sustainable practices, from the roadmap of passing a Complete Streets Ordinance to the intricate planning of city-wide walkability or public transportation plans, your community has the potential to transform. Our coaches act as architects of sustainable planning and will serve as your guides. We will help you define realistic goals and, more importantly, wield the keys to turn those plans into tangible actions. Join us in the pursuit of a sustainable tomorrow, where every action echoes in the legacy of community well-being.

Five people holding bicycles and smiling
Family smiling while standing on bridge at Shoal Creek Park

Resources for Rural Areas

Included in our realm of consulting services is a dedication to fostering robust health resources in rural communities. In the vast landscapes where rural landscapes meet unique challenges, our specialized consulting is designed to address the distinctive needs and opportunities that define rural health. Our services extend beyond traditional offerings, focusing on creating lasting and accessible health resources. From planning to implementation, we collaborate closely with local stakeholders to navigate the intricacies of rural healthcare. Our team understands the nuanced dynamics of rural communities, ensuring that our solutions are not only effective but also culturally sensitive.

Whether it’s optimizing healthcare infrastructure, enhancing telehealth capabilities, or creating community programs, our consultants bring a wealth of expertise to elevate the resources available in rural areas. We recognize the importance of tailoring solutions to the specific challenges faced by specific populations, ensuring that services are not just available but also aligned with the needs of communities. 

We seek to to empower rural communities, where every resident has access to quality healthcare and other vital resources. Together, let’s build a resilient foundation for rural resources, ensuring that these communities thrive in well-being, resilience, and vibrant health. 

Health and Well-Being

 The health of your residents is at the foundation of creating a resilient and vibrant community. Come with us to step into the forefront of local well-being with our customized services, tailored to address the most relevant and up-to-date mental and physical health issues of today. Our mission goes beyond conventional consulting; we navigate the dynamic landscape of community health, committed to tackling the pressing health concerns that communities face.

Our dedicated team takes a proactive stance, from staying ahead of the latest public health challenges to embracing emerging wellness trends, ensuring your community remains at the vanguard of well-being. Our specialized services dive into the core of contemporary health issues, providing strategic solutions that empower communities to not only adapt but thrive. Whether it’s mental health awareness, innovative preventive healthcare strategies, navigating the complexities of global health crises, or addressing substance use disorder, our consultants are equipped to guide your community toward resilient well-being.

Join us on a transformative journey where health isn’t just a static goal but an ever-evolving process. Together, let’s ensure your community is fortified to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, establishing a robust foundation of health and well-being that stands the test of time.

tree in a desert landscape